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Now I have to delete that notice and hate that I even get it so please, Big please stop it! Stop the postings. That is all.

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Other wise you have s great program that I really like. I just want the old Pinterest back. If I even just look at a picture I am then inundated with repetitive similar images. So outrageous. Change your algorithms. The recommendations are never very good either. If only I could make boards on instagram. That was always the first place I went after opening the app. Although not having the browse tab was annoying, I still could get almost the same experience by searching a broad topic like DIY or home decor.

I see the same exact pins every time. It is very frustrating and annoying. Also, not a fan of the following tab being set up like Instagram instead of in a grid. I want to be able to enjoy Pinterest but my recent experiences have been anything but enjoyable.

Thanks for helping improve my art skills with many references, tutorials and ideas to choose from. This is certainly a must have app for iPad and iPhone users! I already have a Pinterest account. I receive the daily newsletter from Pinterest. Makes no sense and is a pain and takes up even more room in my phone. Pinterest used to be easier to navigate.

You were a much cooler app in the early days. The one problem I have right now is how if I am listening to music on the same device, the video ads pause my music while I scroll past them. Pinterest is great. I love the quality of shared content. I just wish there was a way that it could be a little more organized with how to find more details on each entry.

I gave Pinterest five stars because it gives me great ideas for like braids and they show me hairstyles fit short hair cause I have very short hair. Me too! Where is the option to explore? Like Outdoors, Animals, or Everything. Using this less and less. I get so many great ideas from Pinterest, from food allergies to great recipes to work around that.

I love arts and crafts so there are a lot of inspiring ideas from that. What inspired Pinterest to take away browsing? The app is great and fluid and easy to use! But can we please get dark mode? I wish every app had it. I enjoy Pinterest a lot, however I dislike the layout of the following section. I do not like the fact that I do not have an explore on my Pinterest its my favorite part of the entire app.

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I have to think of something to search every time I want to look beyond my followers. Go to some other alternative site, for Pinterest deletes your files. I love this app because I can look at funny pictures as well as ideas! I look looking at ideas to help me study and finding wallpapers for my phone. A dark theme! A lot of apps like YouTube and Wattpad have it and I think this would be great! I want to be able to like a picture, without saving it instead be able to double tap and leave a like on it.

Now Pinterest forces us to look at what they believe is to be a perfectly curated algorithm of what we want, but instead they typically end up showing users random, weird, and dated pins. All I want to do is see the content I specifically signed up to see, not what Pinterest thinks is best. I like Pinterest, since you can save stuff, make boards, and all, however, there is one thing. Where is the comments section? Why is it that there is one on desktop and not on mobile? Can you fix this please?

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Please bring the explore tab back! I see lots of complaints and nothing is been done to solve this annoying situation. Hope you listen and change this. The complaining is for a reason,.. I love Pinterest so much. But I think it needs a night time mode. It would really help my eyes and it think it would be nice. At least for me. Then tells me it will try not to show me much of those anymore. And there is no way of bringing it back. Helpful Good ideas and great selection of interesting items and topics Learning and trying new crafts and historical items decor for home and what new in fashion check site daily Thanks.

I have had the Pinterest app from the beginning and also have had Pinterest since the invite only stage. I want the explore tab back. However, I do like to look at it daily and get ideas for my own creativity. Or directions on how to do something creative. It used to be, not so long ago, that I could click on a photo and would be taken to its site to get directions or to explore more of what it was I was interested in. But Pinterest has changed, it seems, more for itself than for its readers. Now if I click on an interesting photo with hopes of finding more information about it a message pops up demanding one go to the Pinterest app and if cancel is clicked instead the page just sits there doing nothing.

If I agree to go to the app, it goes to a totally different subject matter - never to find what I was looking for!! I also hate that the search where you can scope out categories is now gone. The app is just as great looking as it looks on a laptop, and both are easy to use. Plus me and the kids love finding stuff to craft, and good food to make.

We have found many ideas that entertain us. It shuts down randomly, and since downloading the app other apps on my phone shut down randomly too. The app will randomly freeze and loose your spot. Not to mention the content has gotten stale. Pinterest used to be a great idea, now it seems washed up. I use Pinterest for everything, but I wish there was a way to make notes inside the pins. If I change a recipe or science experiment, I would like to write something to let me know what I changed. Hope to see this in a future update!

Offers good photos, and suggested Boards usually right on target. Previous review: Proliferation of ads, especially video! Still love Pinterest especially finding similar photos though. And the feed they designed for you is too repetitive, all of the good pins I found were on the explore page! Now I just go on instagram and Snapchat more often because they have an explore page. Why did Pinterest get rid it?

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Please fix it.