Dating a gay gemini

I'm a Gemini, and I'm so tired of people reading false! I have never, in my life, been a gold digger. Romantically - everything I've read about my sign is bull! Get better info..

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Do a poll.. Talk to multiple people but don't..

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As much as it made me laugh, that seemed to be the behavior of ANY gay man up until the age of 25, let alone just a Gemini. We do get bored easily if there is no passion or excitement. But when we love, we love hard but not unconditionally. Unfortunately we also get tprn between our heart and our head, which also attrubutes to our bi polar tendencies. We are caring, empathetic, creative, artistic but flat out and blunt about how we feel. He has great ideas, loves to keep busy, and needs frequent changes of scenery. But he pays a price for this. Most Geminis have stomach problems or trouble sleeping.

They have nervous dispositions. Depending on where other planets are in their horoscopes, they may seem calm on the outside, but they are frenetically busy in a mental way. Meditation would be good for them, or even if you can get them to rest a little, that would help. Gemini people are well read, they love music and plays, and nights out on the town. A long weekend or more in a big city is just the thing.

They are not prudish, but never vulgar either. If they hear someone teasing or saying hurtful things to a person about anything having to do with race, sex or handicaps, they may never speak with that person again. A Gemini is always up on current events and wants to discuss them with everyone.


If they do stay home, they usually invite people over. They like to read, do crossword puzzles, play scrabble. At best, maybe they would join a gym or go biking. That way they can stop now and then and gossip with other people. He may try parasailing if he happens to be on a tropical island; he is adventurous. Great careers for Geminis are in the tech field, they make good journalists, publishers, detectives, bloggers, or will excel in any field where they mostly deal with a lot of people.

How To Date a Gemini Man: Key Traits and Characteristics - Gay Pop Buzz

They make good teachers or travel agents. They often speak several languages and can teach English as a second language. They are quick studies in whatever they want to learn. They really can charm anyone. Not really. There are a lot of shades of grey when you deal with a Gemini, and they are glib at times. If they have badly aspected planets, they can be outright liars.

So listen closely, and make sure those stories make sense. But a Gemini is capable of scamming you very badly too, so when you are getting to know one, take your time and be careful.

So what about a Gemini love life? There can be several scenarios here. Many Geminis have two great love affairs during the course of their lives. There are Geminis who are in love with two people at the same time.

But it is difficult for all parties involved. Giving a person an ultimatum in emotional situations is fraught with difficulties. It can cause them to resent you. There is guilt all around if you take that route.

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A Gemini is capable of being faithful in a monogamous relationship. But never forget they bore very easily, so you have to keep trying new things and going to new places, as a Gemini craves variety like a fish needs water. The best way to handle a Gemini in a relationship is to give him some room to move.

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